ADC*E Creative Express Helsinki (24h brief)

The 24 hours brief: make an image campaign for the Viking Line cruisers over the Baltic Sea.

The idea: We noticed that each of the 7 ships of the company has a female-resembling name (Amorella, Gabriella, Cinderella, Mariella etc.) So what if we turned the iconic female names into real persons with different attitudes? And then tell provocative stories about them. How? We make use of sexist remarks in an unexpected and charming way. Meet the Seven Bitches of the Baltic Sea.


Creative Express


November 2015


Online videos

Tinder Dream Date (online activation)

We create various fake profiles for the ships on the dating platform Tinder. 
If you’ve fallen in love with one of the profiles and you’re a match, Viking Line invites you to spend the weekend for free with your “love interest” aka the shi