Clickshop - The Biggest Discount Button

Clickshop -  The Biggest Discount Button

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In order to increase trial on, a newly launched e-shop by Romtelecom, we launched an online promotion which encouraged people to subscribe to Clickshop's newsletter in order to win the biggest discount ever seen: 99%. We created a microsite featuring a huge green button, which you had to click several times in order to find out how the campaign works. (The catch-phrase "Click me" was very popular in Romania at that time.) The final click got you subscribed to the newsletter and into the competition.


Clickshop (Telekom)




October 2011

What's 99? (teasing campaign)

As part of a Facebook teasing campaign, we transformed famous number-based movies/books etc. to star the number 99, asking the question "What's 99? Find out on 25th October."