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Dorna - Tales Around Water


Dorna - Tales Around Water


Proposal 2017

Coming from a protected source, Dorna water brings in people’s lives all the values & lessons nature teaches. 

We’ll use the same technology as Google Street View to create Dorna River View. We’ll map on the site the Dorna river and throughout it we’ll post the tales.  Users can slide down the river and discover all the stories that tourists learned in their guided tours with a simple click on the marked points.


Discover a tale about perseverance

Discover a tale about patience

Amplification: AirBNB Vatra Dornei Experiences

We’ll post guided tours on and we’ll invite tourists to book one of them in order to explore Vatra Dornei’s river and learn what patience, solidarity, diversity and many other values mean. The guides will be the locals from Vatra Dornei that have been living surrounded by water all their life.