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Samsung - Aspiemoji (proposal)


Samsung - AspieMoji

Cheil Centrade

Proposal 2019

Coming from a protected source, Dorna water brings in people’s lives all the values & lessons nature teaches. 

We’ll use the same technology as Google Street View to create Dorna River View. We’ll map on the site the Dorna river and throughout it we’ll post the tales.  Users can slide down the river and discover all the stories that tourists learned in their guided tours with a simple click on the marked points.


Introducing AspieMoji

AspieMoji provides an AR EMOJI character that guides kids through a wide range of facial expression recognition games, that helps them rehearse their skills everyday. As an accurate tracker of emotions, the AR emoji doubles the facial expressions with the verbal description.


Level systems

The application has several levels. Each level is dedicated to another facial expression and is composed of several exercises. Children will be able to move on to the next level only after they have done the exercises from previous levels without errors.


Correct or incorrect

After each exercise, if users give an incorrect answer, the AspieMoji character will appear to offer an explication through a short video about why the answer is wrong.

Review tests

After each level, children will have a recap test that includes exercises of all levels learned before.

Final exercise

The final exercise will be the same for each level: the users will take over the AR Emoji to practice the facial expression themselves. With the help of the facial recognition technology, the app will know if the users are expressing their feelings correctly or not.



We will promote the app in medical and tech communities.