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ANAIS - Unquiet Voices


ANAIS - Unquiet Voices

Cheil Centrade Romania

April 2019

2019 Romanian Short Waves Selection | Unquiet Voices @ Cannes Film Festival

2019 Shortlist: Film | Innovation in Film - Unquiet Voices @ Cannes Lion

2019 Shortlist: PR | Culture & Context - Unquiet Voices @ Cannes Lion

2019 Shortlist: PR | Not for Profit - Unquiet Voices @ Cannes Lion

2019 Shortlist: Direct | Social Behaviour - Unquiet Voices @ Cannes Lion

Real women who’ve survived domestic violence are giving their voices to scenes from silent movies where female characters are being abused by men, in support of ANAIS, a Romanian domestic violence charity.

In Unquiet Voices, a 40-minute film created by Cheil Centrade on behalf of Romanian charity ANAIS, scenes from seven different silent films are intertwined with narratives of romances that became nightmares for women.

It is estimated that every 30 seconds, a Romanian woman becomes a victim of domestic abuse, but very few are empowered to talk about their experience. ANAIS, which supports domestic violence victims, wanted to undo the wrong. With the loss of copyright of dozens of these silent movies on January 1 2019, ANAIS wondered if they could be turned into an empowering cinematographic product for the next generation?

The real-life stories brought to life in the movie show different types of abuse, from psychological to economic. sexual, and even attempted murder. The movie talks about physically assaulted women who are left breathless on the floor, men who should be in jail but are walking freely, and children witnessing tragedies.

The footage from each movie chapter was taken from seven different silent movies, then rearranged to fit the real stories of victims, whose voices are recorded over the footage to finally unsilence every violent scene.


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